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Portfolio Analysis

As at the last month end the asset allocation was as follows.

Asset Allocation Percentage Color
Cash 2% #0a0437
Gold 1% #f5d360
Index Linked Govt. Bonds 34% #16375e
Conventional Govt. Bonds 5% #548ed4
Pref. Shares/Corp. Debt 22% #8eb4e2
Investment Trusts 36% #c5d9f1

The Board

Mr E G Meek MSc Chairman

Mr E G Meek,Mr E G Meek

Appointed a Director in 2004 and Chairman with Effect from 8 July 2015.,Appointed a Director in 2004 and Chairman with Effect from 8 July 2015.

Mr G A Prescott BA, FCA Chairman of the Audit Committee & Senior Independent Director

Mr G A Prescott

Appointed a Director in 2010. Mr Prescott Is Chairman of the Company’s Audit Committee.

Mr A R Laing CA, MBA, Non-Executive Director & Investment Manager

Mr A R Laing

Alastair Joined Cg Asset Management in 2011 and Has Been Co-manager of Capital Gearing Trust since That Time.

Mr R Archibald BCom, CA, Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr R Archibald

Appointed a Director in May 2015.

Miss J G Matterson MCSI, Independent Non-Executive Director

Miss J G K Matterson,Miss J G K Matterson

Appointed a Director in May 2015.,Appointed a Director in May 2015.

Investment Policy

The Company’s objective is to achieve capital growth in absolute terms rather than relative to a particular stock market index. The preservation of shareholders’ wealth is an important consideration in fulfilling this objective and has a strong underlying influence on the Company’s investment policy.

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