Capital Gearing Trust P.L.C.

Wednesday 1 April 2015

Welcome to Capital Gearing Trust P.l.c.

Our investment objective is to achieve capital growth in absolute terms principally through investment in quoted closed ended and other collective investment vehicles, invested in equities or property, with a willingness to hold cash, bonds, index linked securities and commodities when appropriate.


The Company was incorporated in Northern Ireland on 3 May 1963 and listed on the London Stock Exchange on 13 February 1973. The Company operates as an Investment Trust and is self-managed, with investment management carried out by CG Asset Management Limited. The Company is a member of the Association of Investment Companies.

Please see our factsheet for details of the fund as at 28 February 2015.

Continuation of the Trust

Shareholders were given the opportunity to realise their investment in the Company, at a price that fairly reflected the underlying net asset value of their investment, in the Autumn of 2008. It is intended that shareholders will be given the same opportunity in 2015.

However, the Chairman would like to reassure shareholders that, providing there is sufficient ongoing support, the Company will continue in its present form after 2015.

Notice to Shareholders

Share Fraud Warning

The FCA and ICSA have issued a joint statement on the dangers posed to investors by 'boiler room' scams. Read the statement here

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